Have Your Say.

Join the choir of European voices and connect with people across borders with the Voices App™
— a social media app for creating and sharing short self-interview videos.

Have A Say.

The Voices App. On what occasion do you lie? Which living person do you most admire? What do you most value in your friends? The Voices App™ gives you the chance to reveal your true nature by answering questions specifically made for you. Voices utilizes all the opportunities for dialogue that lies in new media. It gives you the chance to voice your opinion, worries or dreams. It also enables you to connect with people across borders through their Voices. 

Share Your Story.

How Does It Work?  The Voices App™ presents a new way of engaging in an honest and positive dialogue on existential, political, or trending topics. Based on your interests, location and mood, the app creates three unique questions for you. Position your smart phone horizontally and start answering your questions using the front camera of your phone. Self-interviews are conducted in your native language and are subsequently subtitled by a network of volunteers.


Shape Your Future.

Honest Dialogue. Excite your curiosity about what Europeans dream and care about by exploring the continuing stream of authentic stories. You can like, bump and share Voices you like. But most importantly: You can choose to do a self-interview based on questions from an existing Voices self-interview. These Voices are paired in streams giving users the opportunity to understand how people across borders respond to the same questions. You also have the option of inviting your friends to answer a set of questions. 

Joining the choir of European voices is easy.
Here are some examples of questions you might be asked by the Voices App™.

Have your say. Shape your future.

How Does It Work? It’s Easy.

Your Input

Step 1. Download the app from App Store. It’s free. After you download the app, you can immediately start browsing videos — also termed voices. But in order to post any yourself, you’ll need to sign up for an account using your phone number. What do you feel talking about today? Are you in an existential mood? Or would you rather answer trending questions on current topics? Indicate your frame of mind by placing the mood dots and you are on your way. Of course, we handle all of your personal information with caution and respect, while giving you full control.

Three Questions

Step 2. Based on your interests, location and mood, the app creates three unique questions for you. Read your first question and answer as soon as you feel ready. You have the option to replace one question with a new one. After answering all three questions, the app compiles your voice and links relevant hashtags to your voice. You also have the option to link additional hashtags to your voice yourself. Hashtags are labels for content. They are a way to track topics in the Voices social network. The use of hashtags enables you to wade through the enormous choir of voices and interact only with the content you find relevant.

Share Your Voice

Step 3. When your Voice is complete, share it with the world — or just your friends and family. The app makes it easy to upload and share videos. Once you start sharing your voices, you can check how many people have watched them and see who has liked your videos. You can also check how many people have started following you and start watching their voices. Instead of having the app picking questions based on your mood and location, you can choose to answer questions others have answered in their voices. The app also notifies users when renowned people have prepared questions you can choose to answer.

You Are The Voice.

Salma El Mekkaoui

Næstved, Denmark

Magnus Quaade Oddershede

Gladsaxe, Denmark

Georg Bernth

Frederiksberg, Denmark

Israa Maher Mechlawi

Næstved, Denmark

Malthe Freiesleben Ejlers

Copenhagen, Denmark

Souhail Abdeddaim

Næstved, Denmark

Jamil Maher Mechlawi

Næstved, Denmark


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