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If you are sitting on a good story or just have an idea for one, please feel free to get in touch with us at

Film, article, research or reportage; all we request is a paragraph or two explaining the subject, angle and treatment you have in mind. And maybe some sample images or ideas for visualizing the story. Here are a few tips:

·   As “an online magazine welcoming people who seek a deeper understanding of Europe” we’re happy to publish stories from any small town or big city in Europe.

·   We want to honour the people who dare to be themselves and to be honest. Voices of Europe invites Europeans to share their exciting and personal stories—to get a better understanding of each other as human beings. In other words, the personal story is key. So your pitch should consider the personal side of the story.

·   We strongly recommend, first to get to know us by reading some of our feature articles to get a feel for our magazine’s style, focus, tone and subject matter. To submit, email If you’re pitching an as-yet unwritten story, please write a formal email query, including your story outline (including your story angle, direction, elements and proposed length), the availability of photos and your contact information (phone and email address), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

·   Please include the word “pitch” in your subject line (plus relevant keywords for the medium, location and subject).

·   Please, do not send anything to us by postal mail, especially original photos, slides, illustrations or any unique material. Voices of Europe  kindly requires that you inform us if your submission has been previously published in any other media entity, including but not limited to another publication or online property.

We’re looking forward hearing from you!

Voices of Europe is an online magazine and a community welcoming people who seek a deeper understanding of Europe. Through debate and intercultural dialogue we wish to strengthen European identity, democratic sensibility and sense of community.

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